Ways to Keep your Mercedes Benz Maintained like a Movie Prop — Every Movie Has a Lesson

Everyone has a dream car they want to own once they grow up. If you had a dream car growing up, and now you own it, you want to take good care of it. Mercedes Benz is a symbol of success for many of its consumers. The reason for its immense popularity is its innovative designs and efficient performance.

Once you own a car, its maintenance is your responsibility. A car is a complicated machine. It needs a dedicated caregiver. Taking care of a luxury car is an arduous task because its parts are costly, and maintenance requires time.

Owning a luxurious automobile such as a Mercedes Benz will give you comfort and pleasure. For a car enthusiast, these laborious tasks are soothing and gleeful. Cars appear so godly on camera. If you want to capture the beauty of your Mercedes Benz on camera or keep it maintained as if it were a movie prop, here are a few steps for you.

Drive Carefully

Most car damage happens due to rash driving, and luxurious cars are built for comfortable rides, not racing. When you drive your vehicle on bumpy trails or at a fast speed, many parts of your automobile will get wrecked.

Drive your Mercedes Benz on smoother roads while following all the safety instructions. Make sure you treat your car with care if you want it to live a long life. Always be vigilant on the roads to prevent accidents.

Sustain a Good Battery Connection

A battery in a car converts chemical energy into electrical energy, which helps start the vehicle. If you want your automobile to start smoothly, always confirm that your battery connection is reliable. Clean the plugs, and ensure there is no grease or dust on the alternators or starters, so your car has no issue while starting. 

Replace the battery after every 4 to 5 years. All batteries need a replacement as they age over time. The efficiency of batteries decreases over time, and if you do not replace them on time, your car will face problems while driving and starting. The lifespan of a battery also depends on your mileage and climate. Check your battery every three years or when you have problems to see if it needs replacement. 

Keep a Frictionless Engine

When the friction in the engine increases, it produces heat and can harm the functioning of your engine. That is why car owners know that one should lubricate the engine to keep the friction low.

The heat in your engine can affect the movement of the motor parts, and without lubrication, grease will form on the motor. A standard engine will require five to eight quarts of oil for lubrication. This quantity can vary depending on the size of the motor. 

Schedule Car Service Punctiliously

Make sure that you make appointments for your car to get it serviced. If your automobile has passed 10,000 miles, take it to a service station. And if you do not use the vehicle as often as you like, get it serviced after a year. 

If your Mercedes heats up or shows any other unusual behavior, take it to a service station authorized by the company. A timely service will maintain the health of your engine. 

Check Fluid Level and Make Corrections

Excluding the Engine oil, there are other fluids that your car uses. A Mercedes Benz uses brake oils and transmission fluids to keep it running smoothly. Brake fluid allows the pressure of your foot to hit the brake. The brakes will not work without the brake fluid because there is no contact between the brake mechanism and your foot. 

The brake on your car is a safety function, and if you want your automobile to remain functional, maintain its brake fluids because you cannot drive your automobile to the service station without brakes. 

Check And Correct the Coolant Agent

A coolant agent is an Anti-freezing agent that lowers the freezing point and increases the boiling points of fluids. This coolant agent decreases the climate effects on your car. It also prevents corrosion that may lead to overheating in an automobile. 

Fill your radiator until the fluid reaches the expansion tank piping. The ratio of coolant agent and water should be 50:50. If the capacity of your Mercedes Benz is 4 gallons, mix 2 gallons of coolant agent in its radiator. 

If your car has traveled 30,000 miles or two years since you last filled your radiator, flush the mixture and refill it.

Repair with a Manual 

Mercedes Benz is a luxurious car, and you do not want to elevate the problems while doing a DIY repair job. Therefore, keep a Auto Repair Manuals with you while you repair your car yourself. 

Repair work can cost you a lot of money in a workshop. Hence, learning a few repair jobs will benefit your pocket. 

Sustain Tire Inflation 

Mercedes Benz has a function that allows its consumers to check the inflation of all four tires and their temperature. The maintenance of recommended pressure in all four tires makes your car run smoothly. Your tires will have a longer lifespan if you keep their pressure even. 

Even pressure in your tires will help keep your vehicle under control and improve its fuel consumption. Buy good quality wheels with a good grip. Replace your tires after six years. You can get your tires repaired in case of punctures or other damage, but get them replaced once your tires have reached their limit. 

Check the recommendations that Mercedes offers and choose a tire that fits your Mercedes Benz.

Replace the Air Filters

The air filters in your car clean the air for you. It protects you from pollen and other harmful substances in the outside environment. It also keeps the car from heating. Replace your Air filters after 12,000 miles. Dirty filters will decrease the performance of the automobile.

Clean With a Vehicle Shampoo

Mercedes Benz has a beautiful exterior. And to maintain the look of your vehicle, wash it regularly with proper materials. Use a Vehicle Shampoo instead of laundry detergent to wash your car. Use a polishing wax and rub it with a microfiber cloth or sponge to achieve a clean look.

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