Technology To Know About Before Watching Movies — Every Movie Has a Lesson

by Lewis Robinson

If you are a lover of cinema then you have likely noticed that most movies now make use of an array of technology to achieve their desired effects. From green screen illusions to editing tricks, modern movies are chock full of exciting new technologies. Here are just a few that you should know about before you undergo your next movie-watching experience.

Closed Loop Automation and Assurance Solutions

Robust automation solutions are present in all kinds of contemporary media, and movies are no exception. With a technology such as an assurance solution, film studios are able to work seamlessly to create a smart network that is always adapting to the needs of the crew. When film studios are working to collect and edit footage, these closed-loop automation services enable seamless collaboration and faster turnaround times.

Dolby Atmos and New Sound Technologies

Anyone who is into movies knows just how vital a soundtrack can be to creating atmosphere and mood. Sure, a director who chooses the right music is crucial, but a film’s soundtrack goes far beyond that which is happening with its music. This is where Dolby Atmos and its related sound technology enter the picture.

In the past, movie sound was in mono, meaning it was a single sound signal. After that came stereo sound, where the movie’s audio was split into two channels – left and right. Now, with Dolby Atmos, a film’s soundtrack can be split into multiple channels which allows for a more immersive listening experience. These new sound technologies account for the stunning “surround sound” effects found in movies like Dunkirk.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality tools are making their way into moviemaking around the globe. These technologies are not only used to create a more intimate viewing experience, but they are also changing the way studios create films. These emergent technologies can grow exciting branches of films that allow the viewer to situate themselves in the world of a film.

Digital Streaming

Moviemaking has changed significantly thanks to technology, but so has the way in which viewers consume movies. Gone are the days of single-reel 35mm film. Now, with the internet, audiences can stream movies from the comfort of their own homes. Many film studios are now taking a hybrid approach, releasing their films both in movie theaters and on popular streaming platforms on the same day.

Green Screen and Chroma Keys

Green screen technology is one of the most creative tools available to filmmakers in the modern world. With a green screen, actors can be placed into virtual environments to create stunning visual effects that would otherwise be nearly impossible. The next time you’re watching Star Wars or Avengers, remember that most of these movies are made using green screen technology.

Digital Editing and Collaboration Tools

Editing is one of the most important aspects of a film’s final outcome. There is no shortage of exciting new tools that make editing much easier and more immersive, to the benefit of both filmmakers and their audiences. Take, for example, the implementation of a technology such as direct routing SBC, or the collaborative advantages of a platform such as Microsoft Teams, both of which allow for seamless collaborative work across many groups.

Similarly, editors now benefit from advanced screens and replay devices that make the processing of footage much easier. For animated feature films such as Toy Story 3, animators and editors can now work together to process massive footage that in the past would have required enormous servers to store and retrieve.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

More film studios are looking to AI and machine learning to solve some common issues that arise in the filmmaking process. For example, some AI tools can analyze the color palette of footage to ensure that it matches the tone of the rest of the movie. Other tools can assist with editing scripts and mock footage.

As you can see, the world of movies is changing thanks to new technology. Keep this in mind the next time you sit down to watch a new movie! You just might be surprised.

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