Succession Season 3 Release Date?

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Succession season 3, was easily one the most anticipated TV moments this year. Despite the two-year gap between seasons Succession has proven again that it’s worth waiting for.

Jesse Armstrong wrote and produced the drama. It follows the Roy family. A dysfunctional group who spend their time kicking each other in the back and fighting for control of their media empire.


October will mark two years since the end of the second season’s final episode. The extended time between seasons is not surprising, considering HBO announced that preproduction was delayed by the pandemic in March 2020.

How do I watch Succession season 3 on Netflix?

How do I watch Succession season 3 on Netflix?

It is time to renew your HBO Max subscription. Succession is available on HBO starting at 9 PM ET Sunday October 17. Season 3 will consist of nine episodes instead of the usual 10. The finale is scheduled for December 12.

Is there a trailer of Succession season 3

Is there a trailer of Succession season 3

First, an HBO Max teaser confirmed that Succession will be coming before 2022.

HBO teased its fans further in June by releasing just three seconds of footage in an (opens in a new tab) advertisement for HBO Max (opens in a new tab). Although there is very little on the screen, we do get to see Kendall Roy smiling. Logan Roy shouts, “It is war!” Based on the descriptions of this season, the trailer also shows Logan Roy shouting, “It’s war!” Let’s have some fun!

Release date for ‘Succession 3’ season 3

Release date for 'Succession 3' season 3

Succession was rebroadcast on Sunday, October 17th at 9 p.m. on HBO and HBO Max in America and Monday, Oct 18th at 9 p.m. on Sky Atlantic in the UK.

Future episodes will air at the same time in the UK and the US. You can also stream new episodes of Succession season 3 on Mondays on TV (opens in new tab).

The third season will have nine episodes. This is one less than in the previous two seasons.

Season 3 of ‘Succession” plot

Season 3 of 'Succession" plot

Logan Roy convinced his son Kendall to quit Waystar Royco to save the company after arguing that he didn’t possess the killer instinct to run it.

In the last scenes of the second series, Kendall publicly criticized his father, calling him a “malignant presence”, a bully, and a liar”. This left the door wide open for anyone who wants to succeed him.

Succession Season 3 picks up right where the Roy family left off (you can find a complete recap of the first episode at bottom of this article). Brian Cox, the Roy patriarch’s lead actor, claims that the new scripts have been as good or better than ever. It sounds like this season will also be as successful as the previous.

“I almost fell off my chair because Armstrong never tells me about the next series. From episode to episode, we didn’t know what was going on. He finally told me. It’s so jolly exciting. This is all I have to say.

Season 3 of 'Succession" plot

He suggested that the youngest Roy sibling might be the key to the new series. “It’s fascinating to see how young Roman plays. At the end of Season 2, he showed his strength. He’s the one who is the secret weapon under the table, I believe.”

The cast was snapped filming in Italy so it is pretty certain that we will see a family trip to Europe during the third season. In fact, the cast got to celebrate Alan Ruck’s birthday while in Italy.

Cast of ‘Succession 3’

Logan Roy (Brian Cox), Kendall Roy, (Jeremy Strong), Siobhan Shiv (Sarah Snook), Greg Hirsch, (Nicholas Braun), Tom Wambsgans, (Matthew MacFadyen), and Connor Roy, (Alan Ruck), will all be back, but there are also some new faces in the new season.

Cast of 'Succession 3'

HBO announced that Sanaa Lethan ( The Affair) will portray Lisa Arthur, a prominent New York lawyer. South Korean pop star Jihae has joined the cast as Berry Schneider, PR guru. Linda Emond ( lodge 49), will play Michelle-Anne Vanderhoven, senior White House aide. It is still unknown how the White House became involved in the fallout between Logan & Kendall. We can’t wait for the answer!

When is the Succession season three release date?

When is the Succession season three release date?

After much speculation, we now have an official release day. So mark your calendar for 17 October and get ready to see the brawling and bickering.

Remember what happened in the last season?

Let me get this out of the way: Waystar Royco was in a very public decline due to dodgy deals at Tom’s cruise and theme park departments, and Logan (Brian Cox), wanted a blood sacrifice. His choice? Meat puppet Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) or until Shiv (Sarah Snooks), begged Logan for help to save her husband and their struggling marriage. He moves on to Kendall, who owed him his literal life after daddy managed to make the whole accidentally-murdering-a-bartender thing go away.

His dad convinced Kendall that he didn’t have a killer instinct, and then he forced him into a press conference. He dropped the bomb just as everyone thought he would give up on Logan. We saw Cousin Greg (Nicholas Braun), standing on the sidelines clutching those incriminating email messages that he claimed he had burned, and calling his father “a malignant present, a bully, and a liar”.

Remember what happened in the last season?

A couple of beats might have been missed in season two’s finale. Logan smiled when Kendall made his mic-drop announcement. This seems to indicate that Kenny finally realized that he was just as vindictive as a CEO and as the rightful heir to company. What is his retaliation?

Second, Roman (Kieran) Culkin was announced casually as the COO. He was still traumatized from his hostage situation in the Middle East. What will happen to the family dynamics? And, more importantly, how will he bring in Gerri (J. Smith Cameron), as his mole woman rock star?



The total number of episodes will be nine. This episode will be one less than the norm, since the first two seasons Succession each had 10 episodes.


We know only the titles of Succession season 3’s eight episodes. We are unsure if the title of the finale is a spoiler.

  1. Secession
  2. Masses in Time of War
  3. The Disruption
  4. Lion in the Meadow
  5. Retired Janitors in Idaho
  6. What it takes
  7. Too Many Birthdays
  8. Chiantishire

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Is there a Succession 4?

Is there a Succession 4?

Although the opening sequence of series 3 has not yet aired, Armstrong revealed that he is able to tell when to stop and get on with his life. Armstrong stated that he doesn’t think the show should be aired for ever because of the question in the title.

“So, while I don’t think it should last forever, we haven’t lost any ideas when we’ve met up in the writers room so far.”

Kendall might put it: “Dude be the O.G.”

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