Liz Truss: “I am campaigning as a Conservative, and will govern as a Conservative from day one”

2022-08-02 05:20:33

Liz Truss is Foreign Secretary, and is MP for South West Norfolk.

As ballot papers land this week, our party faces a momentous choice. We won a historic mandate in 2019, inspiring 14 million people across our great country to vote Conservative. We need to deliver on our promises in order to win the next election.

This will require boldness, not business-as-usual. That is why I have put myself forward for the leadership and have been making my case to members up and down the United Kingdom over recent weeks.

I have a clear vision, a plan built on sound Conservative ideas, and vast experience to see it through.

I am campaigning as a Conservative and will govern as a Conservative from day one.

My principles are longstanding. If you work hard, do the right thing, save your money, or start your own business, then I am on your side.

I got where I am today through hard work.

I didn’t come from a traditional Conservative background. I grew up in Paisley and went to a comprehensive school in Leeds.

I know that opportunities are not always spread as equally as they should be, having seen how many of the children I went to school with were let down.

I never believed it had to be this way. That is why I entered politics. Now more than ever, I believe in fundamentally Conservative ideals of freedom, aspiration and enterprise.

As Prime Minister, I want to build an aspiration nation, where people in all parts and from all backgrounds can succeed and realize their dreams.

I have a clear vision for our country’s future and necessary track record of delivery to make it happen.

No matter the challenge, I can be trusted to deliver. I have stepped up to the plate time after time across six departments and got the job done.

I led the way in delivering dozens of trade deals with major markets such as Australia and Japan, opening up a world of opportunity to British businesses post-Brexit.

In the wake of Vladimir Putin’s appalling invasion of Ukraine, I rallied our G7 partners in targeting Russia with the toughest sanctions the Kremlin has ever seen.

I pioneered legislation to fix the problems with the Northern Ireland Protocol in a way which upholds the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement and prevents the tearing apart of our precious union.

I am honest and straight talking. I do what I say I will and I know what it takes to get things done.

I have a clear plan to get our economy back on track which is in line with our true blue Tory values: low taxes, deregulation and bold supply-side reforms.

As Prime Minister, I would hit the ground running to deliver this plan and decisively tackle the cost of living.

We should be rewarding families and people for their hard work, which is why I reject the orthodoxy that has given us the highest tax burden in 70 years.

Instead, I will act swiftly to reverse the rise in National Insurance and temporarily suspend green levies on energy bills to put more money back in people’s pockets.

We will review the taxation of families to ensure people aren’t penalized for taking time out to care for their children or elderly relatives.

We will turbocharge the rural economy by focusing on farmers growing food and cutting the pointless regulation that gets in their way.

I will keep a firm grip on public spending and ensure the private sector grows faster than the state. I will not give into the Blob and know how to transform Whitehall into a lean, green, delivery machine.

Under my leadership, the days of Soviet top-down Whitehall targets will be over. I know from being a councillor that local people are best-placed to deliver the housing we need.

I will seize the full opportunities of Brexit, doubling down in pursuit of our new-found freedoms outside the European Union.

This includes accelerating our regulatory divergence to maximize our potential as a global hub for innovation and ideas.

At the same time, we will work with local communities to create full-fat freeports and new investment zones, where businesses would be free to go for growth through lower taxes, reduced planning restrictions and less red tape.

My mission is to transform our economy into the high-growth, high-productivity powerhouse. I know it can be.

By opening ourselves up to new opportunities, we will drive job creation in the industries of the future and get our economy firing on all cylinders. This is key to levelling up our country in a Conservative way.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. I will defend freedoms at home and abroad.

I am vigilant in the face of threats such as Putin’s aggression and an increasingly assertive China. I have stood up for freedom whenever it has been threatened, such as in Ukraine and Hong Kong.

I will continue to confront the pernicious spread of identity politics and remain unwavering in defense of women’s rights.

I will do whatever it takes to keep our nation safe. That is why I have committed to increase defense spending to three per cent of our national GDP so that our armed forces are fit to take on new and emerging threats.

I will also recruit more police officers and ensure they do more to crack down on real crimes.

We do not have long to turn things around before the next election. This is the time to focus relentlessly on delivering for the British people.

I am the only candidate with a clear and credible plan to drive the real change we need.

I am the only candidate with unparalleled experience in the toughest of circumstances, which is why I can be trusted to deliver.

I don’t believe in managed decline. I know that our greatest days lie ahead and it is vital that we forge ahead together.

The Conservative Party is at its best when it is united. That is what I would ensure under my leadership.

As Prime Minister, I would lead a Government which brings together the best and brightest from across our party

I am proud of the breadth of support my campaign has attracted, whether it is parliamentary colleagues including the many who have worked with me in Cabinet, or members up and down the UK.

At this critical moment, our party has a major opportunity to show its determination to deliver for the British people by uniting behind my bold plan.

Together, we can rise to this moment and unleash the potential of our great country.

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