Is it possible to work in VR?

2022-08-02 09:51:43

While virtual reality headsets are perhaps most commonly used for gaming, there’s a lot more that can be done in VR and we ask the important question of is it possible to work in VR?

Thanks to the best VR headsetsVR has so much to offer. There are interactive VR experienceslive events, mindfulness exercises, as well as VR fitness appsbut what about doing actual work in VR?

While VR can give your office new dimensions, it also adds a sense of normality to those that still can’t travel back to their place of work – making users feel as though their colleagues are at the desk next to them.

Screenshot from the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service showing off a VR conference.  Computer version of men sit at a table, next to one real person.

Screenshot from the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service showing off a VR conference. Could this be a glimpse into the future of VR working? (Image credit: Twentieth Century Fox)

It can also give your workflows new potential, be that through a creative process like drawing with your hands, video conferencing with an avatar, or just putting the content you’re working on front and center.

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