Best water bottles 2022: Stay hydrated when walking, cycling or at the gym

2022-07-05 10:24:11

Staying hydrated this summer can be made a lot easier by having one of the best water bottles on hand. Instead of relying on remembering to go to the kitchen to refill your cup, you can have your water on hand wherever, whenever thanks to a bottle. 

As sustainability and money-saving become front of mind for many of us, popping into a supermarket to purchase endless single-use plastic water bottles is a no-no. Instead, buying a reusable water bottle can save you time, money, and can greatly reduce your impact on the environment! 

What the experts say

Personal trainer Elliot Hasoon told Live Science that “many of us have multiple water bottles sitting in our kitchen cupboards and while it can be beneficial to have more than one for different activities, the most important thing is that you use it regularly. If you pick a water bottle that fits your criteria and that you enjoy drinking from, you’ll have a much better chance of remaining hydrated.”


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Written by Ritesh Kardam

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