in More Car Show Photos From The Eastwood Summer Classic Car Show. Support Your Local Car Shows!

2022-08-02 12:07:41

More Car Show Photos From The Eastwood Summer Classic Car Show. Support Your Local Car Shows!

More Car Show Photos From The Eastwood Summer Classic Car Show.  Support Your Local Car Shows!

Here’s our second gallery of photos from Joe Grippo at one of his local car shows. I have to say that the local car show is something special and I am so glad that local businesses, restaurants, bars, municipalities, and car clubs are still putting them on. It’s easy to get caught up in the world of giant shows like Autorama, Goodguys, and the like, but going to your local cruise is what keeps your fellow locals motivated. And when companies like Eastwood, who already supplies so many tools and shop items, decides they are going to put on a show for all of us, we need to support those too. Stick with them, make your monthly local cruise a must-attend event for your family and friends. Here are some cool photos of great cars that Grippo got for us. Remember there is a link below to see any photos you might have missed so far.

(Words and Photos by Joe Grippo) We recently spent a sweltering early Saturday afternoon at the Eastwood Summer Classic Car Show held onsite of the Eastwood Retail Store in Pottstown Pennsylvania. This area has a strong automotive scene and in past years this show was overflowing with participants but this year a massive heatwave hit hard and may have contributed to a lighter turnout. Regardless, lots of killer stuff rolled into the Eastwood parking lot. Muscle cars old and new, classics, hot rods, trucks and more. There were lots of new builds that I have not seen before, I took that as a good sign of the overall strength of the hobby.

Eastwood, known around the hobby as the go-to source for restoration tools, welders, and paint, among other necessities, host many cruises and shows throughout the year at this retail location. Add in a sizable parking lot and grassy area make for a fantastic location for automotive events. The Summer Classic is their main event. The rear lot was filled with vendors, tool demonstrations and other gearhead enticements. The retail store was open for business with scratch and dent stuff and deep discount specials.

The car show was the highlight for me. Dig on the Pro Street Monza, the tasteful Pro Touring Firebird, and that killer big block bubble top, lots of killer stuff.
Check it out below.


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